Swimming Programs

I don't just teach you how to swim. I teach water safety and water rescue skills. Water can be dangerous if not respected. With respect and understanding swimming can be one of the most fun activities year round. Each level includes appropriate level of water safety training.


Private Swimming Lessons

On the first day of class I assess the student's skill level and comfort with water and begin lessons at their skill level. On the last class, I provide parents/adult students with skill cards to show how much was learned during the classes and what is left to learn at that level. 

It's not unusual to repeat a level, but with me we won't be wasting time learning skills students already know. There are a lot of skills to learn on each level, but unlike group lessons that teach the same skills to everyone in a class, even if most of the class has mastered it, they still have to cover it for all students to learn and be able to pass. This can be a waste of time and money for students that have mastered most of the skills on their level, but are not ready for the next skill level. I don't waste time teaching skills my students have already mastered. If a student masters all the skills on a level before the 8 classes are up then we go up to the next level of skills.


Stroke Clinics

It can be tough to get focused attention from swim team coaches as they have full teams to train for meets. If you are looking for the kind of detailed attention to identify and correct your strokes then this stroke clinic is the answer. We work on your strokes and you'll swim drills to help improve stroke deficiencies.


Lap Workouts

Why kill yourself running and working out in 100+ degree heat in the summer? No other sport burns calories like swimming the butterfly stroke. Work hard and burn calories while staying cool in the pool.

I will come to your community pool to run group lap workouts - swim team style. If you have a group or community that is looking for an instructor, please contact me to set up a program for your group.