Why You And Your Kids Should Wear Water Shoes

When the air temps hit 100*+ pool deck temperatures start to skyrocket. Kids can easily burn their feet on pool decks. Burnt feet are not fun. You’ll end up having to carry your child for the next few days because their feet will hurt too much to walk.

Water shoes are better than flip flops because they can be worn in and out of the pool. As a result you don't have to worry about your children burning their feet, stepping on bees, tarantula wasps, bird poop, other poop, food, and sharp objects. They also protect feet and toes from getting scraped up from the bottom and sides of the pool.

You know kids aren’t paying attention to where they walk whether they are wearing shoes or barefoot. They get out of the pool and are not thinking about putting their flip flops on. Plus, by taking off flip flops at a community pool there is a higher likelihood they can be lost or forgotten. At least if you have them wear water shoes you have one less worry at the pool.

I HIGHLY recommend wearing water shoes to and in the pool, not just in the hot summer days but any time for the reasons listed above.

Kristin Eber