Which Swimming Goggles To Get For Kids

When it comes to goggles it’s all about personal preference. What works great for one child can annoy another. The leading brand names are Speedo and TYR, which work great for most kids.  However, if these googles bother your child there are other options out there to try. I’ve found that kids who hate wearing goggles just haven’t found a pair that feel comfortable on them.

Some kids prefer a larger lens. Others don’t like how the strap pulls their hair. Scroll through the linked article below to check out several alternatives to the traditional goggles we are all familiar with.

Just DON’T waste your money on cheap goggles. They leak and are worthless. 


Some of these goggles are for playing. Not appropriate for swimming lessons.

For swimming lessons I recommend:

  • TYR or Speedo. But there are some other great brands and styles out there too.

  • Clear lenses. Dark and reflective lenses are really cool and fine for the older, more experienced students, but they are not good for little ones learning how to put their face in. I need to be able to see their eyes to know if they are opening their eyes underwater.

  • No branded plastic attachments sticking out from the lenses. They cause goggles to leak in class. Save them for play time.

  • NO MASKS! Goggles only cover the eyes. Masks cover the nose.

  • Double-Straps are ideal! Single straps are ok, but on kids they tend to slip down to their necks because they have such fine, slippery hair. They work for girls who can wear a low ponytail and the strap rests on the goggles.

I’m not going to say no to goggles that don’t fit the criteria above, just understand that we both don’t want me wasting time trying to get goggles to fit and not leak. It takes away from learning how to swim.

Additional goggle advice:

  • Goggles don’t last forever! If they are used a lot they usually only last one season. Get fresh new goggles each year. They will develop leaks.

  • Get ANTI-FOG SPRAY! I spend way too much time getting fog out of students goggles. Even goggles that advertise “anti-fog” lenses will fog up after a few uses. They just apply some anti-fog coating to the lenses which wash away after a few uses. A $10 bottle on Amazon will last years.

  • Rinse goggles in fresh water after using and don’t leave them in the burning sun when not in use. These steps will extend the life of your goggles.

  • Most kids need kid goggles, but I’ve seen kids as young as 7-years-old need adult goggles. Please check to make sure the goggles fit before swimming lessons. They should be snug, but not so tight it hurts after a few minutes. Check around the edges of the goggles to look for obvious leaks. Adjust and ask your child how they feel.