GoPro Classes

Using a GoPro I take videos and photos of my students above and underwater during classes. This is a UNIQUE feature I provide to my students.

I post pictures and videos of student lessons on a private server for download by students and their families only. Each family only has access to their own student's folder of videos and photos. 

  1. Who doesn't like cool videos of themselves demonstrating a skill they worked so hard to master?!

  2. Sometimes when students watch themselves practicing skills it helps them to master those skills faster and builds their confidence.

  3. Videos help students and parents see exactly what areas the students need to work on. I can point out the area(s) we are working on and the techniques to fix them.

  4. Both parents are generally unable to attend every class. Parents are usually in awe of the progress their children make in class when they see a video of their children demonstrating new skills.

  5. Some students are unable to realize how much progress they've made in classes. When they see themselves swim in a video it becomes real to them that they have made progress which motivates them to keep working hard, and boosts their enthusiasm level.

  6. Over the course of weeks-months students and parents can see the progress made. Sometimes it's hard to remember just how far a student has progressed in class. When we see them swimming across the pool by themselves it's amazing to remember the first class when they were too scared to get in the water without holding my hand. These videos document the challenges of day one and the successes of every class.